Lash Manufacturing and Development Group LLC
2100 Les Mauldin Rd.
Brownsville Tx. 78521

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IDA has a Personnel with Experience, technical knowledge to develop projects, and processes required in the market place.


 We have equipment, machinery and tools of high quality and precision.

Our installations have 6,600 sqft, enough space to install process and production lines as well as outsourcing immediately.

The location of our plant is very accessible, located in Matamoros within 5 minute drive of the International Bridge Veterans - Los Tomates - Ignacio Zaragoza .

This four-lane bridge carries commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and pedestrians. It is 4,024 feet long, with sidewalks on both sides.

The crossing is also known locally as Los Tomates Bridge, Expressway 77 Bridge, Brownsville Expressway Bridge and Puente Internacional Ignacio Zaragoza.

Lash Manufacturing and Development Group LLC.
2100 Les Mauldin Rd., Brownsville Tx. 78521
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